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VisGuides is a democratic discussion forum about visualization guidelines. It welcomes all scientists, researchers, practitioners, designers, engineers, students, and users who are interested in data visualization and visual analytics regardless of their background.

This forum enables open, democratic, evidence-based discourses about visualization guidelines. The VisGuides platform enables us also to share positive as well as negative experiences of using any guidelines. When used correctly, it facilitates the identification of any possible over-generalization, incompleteness, impreciseness, and conflicts among guidelines, as well as conditions for successful applications. It fosters the discussion and proposal of new or revised guidelines.

We particularly encourage all of us to pose questions, whether to seek advice or to challenge existing wisdom, while others, including over one thousand active researchers in the visualization, to answer questions and engage in discussions. We are confident that many will discover new research topics through such discourses.

We are sure that all of us will appreciate the discourses to be conducted in a scholarly and respectful manner. The VisGuides team will moderate the discussions. In cases where a post can be considered unprofessional, we reserve the right to remove such comments. We will also be improving the categorization of discussion threads gradually when there are more active threads on this platform. If you have any suggestions or wish to raise any issues, please contact info@visguides.org.

Please, if you use our forum for research cite our work: VisGuides: A Forum for Discussing Visualization Guidelines.

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