Visualizing more data in the treemap

Hello, VisGuidesers,

I am currently trying to visualize a dataset from project tycho with the following DOIs: 10.25337/T7/ptycho.v2.0/<country_code>.38362002. It contains data about dengue fever between 1955 and 2009 for 89 different countries(basically all data about dengue from tycho).
I am visualizing it in a treemap.

Each node is a country, colour represents the number of fatalities and area represents a total count value.
Data preparation: In Excel I have calculated removed all of the repeating country names, for each of them calculated fatalities and count value.
Question: So this on visualization each node contains mixed data for each year(1955-2009). What would be the best way to visualize that data for each year separately and show it on one image? Just have 59 different treemaps? I have all of the values calculated separately for each year in excel.


What you could try out to see if it works is dividing the number of casualties per year and show them inside each country or divide them per year and then show each country inside them depending on whether you want to focus on the time or the geography of the data.

I wouldn’t recommend 59 different treemaps though :slight_smile:

Best of luck