Visualising Tuberculosis data in the US from 1890 - 1941


DOI: 10.25337/T7/ptycho.v2.0/US.56717001

Name of tool: Tableau

Country: United States of America

Disease: Tuberculosis (TB)

Time Span: December 1890 – December 1941

Data Preparation: Simply for ease of understanding the visualisation, records with NA as the county and city names have been removed as this data is deemed unreliable and incomplete

For the treemap above, a diverging sunset colour scheme has been used. Is this colour scheme optimal or would a sequential colour scheme be more efficient?

The following article uses a diverging colour scheme within a hierarchical visualisation, supporting the choice of my own colour scheme:

School of Information Systems and Technology, University of Wollongong, Wollongong NSW 2522, Australia

Thank you for any reply,
Thomas Taylor

Hi Thomas,
This article may be of use to you -
I personally think a sequential colour scheme may work better for this data set as the range goes from very low to very high.
To quote the article, a diverging colour scheme should be used when there is interesting data at the mid point.
I suggest playing around with both and seeing what you prefer.
Hope that helps!