Visualising the Number of the Disorder of nervous system caused by West Nile virus across the US

Hi, I’m a student at Swansea University trying to visualize data from Project Tycho ( You can see my visualization below of a map showing the prevalence of the disease across the US.

Name of Tool: Infogram

Disease: Disorder of nervous system caused by West Nile virus

Year: 2002 - 2017

Visual Mappings

•Colors: The map uses red and green to indicate how many infections there have been for each state. The greener a state is the fewer infections there have been, the more red a state is means there have been more infections.
• State Name (Hidden unless you hover the mouse over)
• Amount of Infections (Hidden unless you hover the mouse over)
Data Preparation: Made a new CSV file from the dataset containing only the State Name and total amount of infections for each state.

My questions are:

How could I improve on this visualization?
Would it be better to have used different colours?


I think it is an interesting design with nice interactivity and I also believe you might have answered your own question there: the best way to check whether the design could be improved using a different colour map would be to try different ones of different types and see what happens.



These two tools should be able to help you experiment with colour.

Best of luck