Visualising Chlamydia in the US

• Name of Tool: Tableau Public

• Country: U.S.

• Disease: Chlamydia

• Year: 2006-2016

• Visual Mappings:

  • size: The color is mapped to the size of the count value, namely the number of people sick.

  • shape: Each small rectangle is mapped to a certain year, and a large rectangle maps the number of years.

  • size: The size shows the sum CountValue.

• Unique Observation: we can see that number of patients in 2012,2006,2015,2014,2011,2010,2000, which the figure occupied the largest proportion in 2010. Besides, we can hardly see other reports about chlamydia.

• Data Preparation: We need to know the annual data of each state, the color depth refers to the number of patients.

Source : Data from Project Tycho (
DOI: 10.25337/ptycho.v2.0/US.105629000

Question : Is my diagram reasonably showing visual Chlamydia in the US?

The description of your diagram seems too simple, I think you’d better use distinct colour to show the difference.