Visualisation for Measles 1880-1910

Guideline: Visual Design Type : Choropleth map

Name of Tool : tableau

Country : United States of America

Disease : Measles

Year : 1888 – 1908

Visual Mappings :

Colour : Blue colour map to sum of count value of Measles in USA states, the deeper the colour the greater the sum of count value. The label on each state represents the fatalities in that state.

Unique Observation : From the image above, we can see that Pennsylvania has the highest sum of Measles Cases.

Data Preparation : no modifications to the data.
Source: Include the URL / Book / DOI / Article

*Does My design make sense?
Would there be anything to improve on for the design?


It is confusing to just present the fatalities as text, as this just comes off as a label for the colour-mapped data. I am unsure if applicable to Tableau but you might consider other mapping primatives to derive the fatalities

Refer to Table 1 of