Treemap of project tycho Dysentery data in the US 1942-48

I am a Swansea University student (probably one of may on here).

I have been asked to examine the project tycho data from and have produced a treemap for this data

Tool: Macrofocus TreeMap (
Country: USA
DOI: 10.25337/T7/ptycho.v2.0/US.111939009
Disease: Dysentery
Visual mappings:

  • Colour : Admin1Name - (State)

  • Group by : Admin1Name

  • Size: CountValue - (How many were infected)

  • Data preparation:

  • I have removed all columns that were N/A i.e. the city and columns that contained the same value for every row i.e. all records had “United States” as the country and there were 0 fatalities from Dysentery.

The labels on the blocks indicate the start and end date of each of the records.

Does My design make sense?

Is there anything I could change to make it easier to understand?

Thank you in advance



I think a treemap is a good way to visualise this kind of data, but I believe the design could be improved to make it more legible and maybe more insightful.
What I would personally do is group the time periods indicating the start and end of the periods for the records in a hierarchical fashion to have them grouped by year and then by month. I think it would be worth a try to see if the resulting design is a bit clearer and if it solves the label clutter issue.

Best of luck