Tools for checking visualization colors for color blinds

Hello everybody

I have a question about color choice for people with color deficiencies. I would be interested in a few points but unfortunately I have not yet found a satisfactory answer. First, I am looking for a suitable tool to determine how exactly a color blind person (or someone with color deficiencies) perceives my visualization. As it is well known, there are different types of color vision deficiency, but also different intensity levels of the affected person. So I’m looking for both a tool that shows me how a person with a e.g. green visual impairment sees the visualization, but at the same time it would be interesting to see how the colors (or the perception) behave with different, simultaneously occurring visual deficiencies. I know people who have multiple color deficiencies. Since the poor eyesight only affects the hue, but not the color saturation or brightness, I have not really found anything so far. Are there existing tools or conversion tables for RGB or CMYK colors etc. for this?