The Primary Fuel Type Distribution in 2017

Data set:

Visual Design Type : Maps + Circle view + Bar chart

Name of tool : Tableau

Country : Seven continents

Year : 2017

Visual Mapping : Map:

Color - primary_fuel

X-Axis, Y-Axis - Latitude, Longitude

Mark - Circle

Size - generation_gwh_2017

Detail - continent

Circle view:

X-Axis - generation_gwh_2017

Y-Axis - continent

Color - primary_fuel

Bar chart:

X-Axis - generation_gwh_2017

Y-Axis - continent

Color - Renewable and non-renewable fuel type

Unique observation : This visualization shows the primary fuel distribution of each continent. We can see coal, nuclear and gas are responsible for most of the power plant in North America. The North America is the only one continent who has nuclear resource to generate electricity. In Asia, the coal power plant also accounts for a large number. From the circle view, we can see the North America has the most abundant fuel resources,followed by Asia. Asia’s coal power plant generation is far more larger than other types of fuel. In the bar chart, we can say that most part of the resource used in power plant are non-renewable source type.

Data preparation : I grouped the whole countries into seven continents. In addition, I delivered the primary fuel into renewable and non-renewable types.

Reference : Bauer, R., & Hagenauer, J. (2000). Symbol-by-symbol MAP decoding of variable length codes. ITG FACHBERICHT , 111-116.

Does my visualization make sense?
Is this an effective way to show the primary fuel type distribution?
How can my visual design be improved?

Many thanks for spending time to viewing this visualization and I am look forward to knowing the feedback!

This visualisation idea is pretty good and can make sense. But I think the circle view can be change to the line chart in order to demonstrate the difference more clearly.

I really like your design which is very informative and contributing bar chart and the symbol map is a good idea. However, you can put a legend which explains the meaning of colours on the bar chart.
Thanks so much

Thank you for your reply. I will change it in the website.