The Main Power Plant in Thailand

I have created Map, Bar Chart and Treemaps, using Tableau, to demonstrate the information about the power plant in Thailand which show the amount of each capacity and estimated generation growth (in Mw).

Visual Design Type: Map, Bar Chart and Treemaps

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: Thailand

Year: All available years

Visual Mappings:

Color – Primary Fuel

Map: x-axis – Latitude
y-axis – Longitude

Bar Chart: x-axis – Primary Fuel
y-axis – Count (Primary Fuel)

Treemaps: Primary Fuel
Sum(Estimated Generation Growth Mw)
Capacity Mw

Unique Observation:

Overall, natural gas is the major power for electricity generation in Thailand. The largest capacity of natural gas plant is located to the east of the country named “Bang Pakong” and produce the most energy in Thailand.
On the other hand, the most power plant is Solar which is located generally at the central and northeast of Thailand.

Data Preparation:

  1. Filtered country = Thailand
  2. Increased the circle scale size
  3. Match the 3 visualization in order to have the same color for the primary fuel information

Data Source:


Is this visualization clear information? Would you have any other data which I can represent with these? How can my visual design be improved? Are there any other types of visual layouts that would be better for this visualization?

Thanks for your suggestions