Teaching materials on visualization

I am a new faculty member teaching a visualization module. I am looking for various teaching materials on visualization such as lecture slides, assignments, and examination questions. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Several of the popular textbooks have associated slides available (including Tamar Munzner’s Visualization Analysis and Design and Alexandru Telea’s Data Visualization Principles and Practice.

The Early Careers in Vis Slack organization has a “Teaching” channel in which other new faculty members discussing teaching visualization.

Hi Alfie,

I have a recording of all of my lectures you YouTube:

You can see, for example, the “Data Visualization Lectures 2018”
playlist for all of them. There are also several related tutorials on
there, for example, see the “DataVisualization Skills Development”

Also, I can share some assignments:


for slides, I can provide the URL privately.

-cheers, bob