Russian Energy production by Fuel Type


I am a student at Swansea University, learning Data Visualisation. I have been tasked with creating some visualisations using the GPPP dataset. This is one of my attempts. I would like to improve upon the clarity. Thank you in advance!

Data set

Visual Design Type : Packed Bubbles

Name of tool : Tableau

Country : Russia

Year : 2014

Visual Mapping :

  • Colour : Primary_fuel
  • Text : Owner
  • Shape : Circle
  • Size : Estimated generated electricity relative to the total production of Russia.

Unique Observation : The majority of the energy comes from many different companies who use Gas as a resource. The amount of energy produced by the use of coal, hydro and nuclear is very similar. There is a lot of competition between Gas and Coal companies yet there are only two companies that use Nuclear fuel.

Question :

  • Are the colours suitable enough and clear to understand?
  • Should I avoid having text In this type of visualisation?
  • Is there a better way to convey the difference in number of companies based on the fuel they use?