Renewable Energy Resources in Europe

Source :

Visual Design Type: : Symbol Map for renewable energy resources in Europe

Name of Tool: : Tableu

Country: : All European countries

Visual Mappings:

X axis: Latitude

Y axis: Longitude

Colour: primary fuel

Label: Source

Size: Estimated Generation Gwh

Unique Observation: : Hydro will be a massive contributor to renewable energy because of the many sources of having a large estimated generation of electricity

Solar is also a big contributor, but in a different sense, there is a lot of sources but they generate a lot less electricity separately than the Hydro sources

Data Preparation: Filtering countries to only display european, filtering fuel sources to renewable

I would like some feedback on my visualisation:
Could I have represented the key bits of data in a more effective manner? If so how?
What interactive features could I implement?


Overall I like this visualisation, but here are some aspects you could improve on:

  • You could colour in the countries and have that colour represent the proportion of total electricity generated by renewable energy in that country.

  • You could make it interactive by having a filter that shows symbols on the map for just renewable/non-renewable energy resources or both

  • A small thing, but readjust size of the legend so it shows full size of circles