Prolifiration of power generation energy sources globally


I’m trying to show the proliferation and trend of primary fuel for power generations globally. I’ve made this map chart to attempt to show this but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on whether it could be done better another way, or if I could modify my map chart to be more clear. My main concern is the number of views. I have tried combining them, however it is then not clear what fuel is used as the colours overlap each other.

Type: maps with detail on demand.

Name of Tool: Tableau


Year: All (all power stations assumed to not be decommissioned)

Visual Mappings: Fuel source is mapped to colour. The fuel source is also mapped to a country.

Unique Observation: Fuel source seems to depend on the location of the power plant. While gas and oil seem to be used all over the world, the use of wave and tidal seems to be located only in developed non-land locked countries and nuclear appears only in a few countries (perhaps restrictions on use).

Data Preparation: None.