Power plant generation in the 10 highest generating EU countries


Visual design type: Treemap

Name of tool: Tableau

Countries: Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Italy, Sweden, France.

Visual Mappings: Colour represents the amount of gwh each plant generates, plants are represented as rectangles and the numeric values displays the amount of power generated.

Unique Observation: Russia is the highest generation country despite not having the largest number of power plants.

Data preparation: Only plants that generated at least 1gwh are included. Stepped blue colour ranging from light to dark to show the comparison between high and low generating plants.


  1. Is the treemap clear and understandable or is more information required?
  2. Is the chosen colour scheme appropriate for all people, colour blind etc.
  3. Are there any improvements regarding the chosen data set or visualisation design that could be made?

Hello, your treemap is clear and also your colour choice is on the recognizable level for everyone. To improve your visualisation and make more meaningful, you can add one more internal node such as primary fuel. That is, you can combine your design with primary fuel types of these owners. Thus, the estimated generations are seen according to their primary fuel types as well.