Power plant distribution in China


I am a Swansea University student and I am new to data visualisation. This is the first data visualisation that I have ever produced. I am looking to further improve my skills in visual designs and I am looking forward to hear some advice from anyone who are experienced in visual design! Thank you!

Visual Design Type: Symbol Maps

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: China

Year: All available dates

Visual Mappings:

  • Colour – Primary Fuel
  • Shape – Circle

Unique Observation: China has a significant amount of renewable power plants, majority of the renewable power plants sources are Hydro and Wind. However China still has a significant amount of Coal power plants. The Hydro power plants are mainly located to the mid-west of the country and the Wind power plants are mainly located by the coast and the North of China. As well as Coal power plants are located around the country.

Data Preparation: Filters out all countries apart from China

Source: http://datasets.wri.org/dataset/globalpowerplantdatabase


  1. Is the visualisation clear?
  2. Is the choice of colour appropiate?
  3. Is there any suggestion that I can further improve my data visualisation?

The visualisation makes use of good colour choices, they are distinct and visually pleasing. I would improve this visualisation by adding another measure variable like estimated generation GWH to further display the output of each one of these power plants through size.