Number of power plants in Middle Eastern Countries

For data visualization coursework at Swansea University, I am required to create different visualization designs for the global power plant database. The image is for visualizing the number of power plants in the middle east.



Visual Design Type: Symbol Map
Countries included: Cyprus, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey

Visual Mappings:
X-axis: AVG(longitude)
Y-axs: AVG(latitude)
Detail: county name(country long)
Colour: country name(country long)
labels:number of power plant(number of records) and country name
Size:sum(number of records)

Data preparation: I used the filter to visulaize the information related to Middle east countries.

Unique observation: The number of power plants is the highest in Iran, Turkey and Saudia Arabia respectively. While Cyprus has the least number of power plants.

Does my visualization show the trends clearly? What can I improve to have better visualisation and unique observation?

Thank you in advance for any responses to this post and I’m looking forward to reading your feedback!

Overall, I feel that this is an effective visualisation. It provides the reader with the information in an easy to understand format. An alternative might be to more colour in the countries by using a map, rather than a symbol map, to demonstrate the values by using different colour contrast.

However, over all good job, well done!

The visual design shows a clear distribution of the number of power plants in each country with in the middle east. The colour usage it effective since you try to segregate each country. The exact number of power plants is obvious with in the countries’ name. You can also visualise this information using bar chart as a simple visualisation, but the usage of a map is more effective and can be easily understood with locating each country. Good Job!


This is a great visualisation, it does fall down when only a single dot is being down for large areas of land.

Maybe you could change the country areas into a heat map style weighting. Colouring the country region with the great map intensity rather than the grid fashion of a normal best map. Add mentioned by an earlier post