Most Popular Primary and Secondary Fuel Types

Hello all,

I am a Swansea University student looking for some feedback on a visualisation I have created for my data visualisation module. This visualisation shows a heatmap of the number of power plants that use the combination of primary and secondary fuel types.


Tools: Tableau

Data Visualisation Type: Heatmap

X-Axis: primary_fuel
Y-Axis: Other_fuel1
Visual Mappings: CNT(name)

Unique Observations:

  • Gas the most Primary fuel used in conjunction with a secondary fuel type.
  • Oil is the most common secondary fuel type.
  • Gas and oil are used in conjunction with one another more than any other fuel type.

Data Preperation:
Data is unaltered from original data set.


  1. Is the visualisation effective at displaying the most commonly used pairs of fuel.
  2. Are the colours used effective at showing differences in count?
  3. What do you learn from the visualisation?

Hi TheLootist, this is a very unique and quite a pleasing observation to look at which shows the combination of fuel type power plants. However, I’m unaware if this is across the world or in a specific region so it might be worth mentioning in the title the region you’re focusing on.

  1. Yes, the visualisation is highly effective of showcasing the most popular fuel types.
  2. I don’t believe the colours used are effective due to the dark red being such a dominant colour. I’d possibly consider using a few other range of colours as an experiment to see which one suits the visualisation best.
  3. The combinations of primary and secondary fueled power plants along with {gas, oil} and {coal, oil} being the two most popular.