Mapping Primary Fuels Across USA

Visual Design: Symbol Map

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: USA

Year: All years used in the dataset

Visual Mappings:
X-Axis: Latitude
Y-Axis: Longitude
Colour: Primary fuel

Unique Observation: This shows how primary fuels vary in distribution across the USA. Hydro and Solar clusters around coastal areas whereas coal clusters inland. In general, primary fuels tend to cluster together with the same types.

Data Preparation: Data was cleaned to avoid null values.


Does my visual design present the information well?
Are the circle sizes a good balance between showing the location on the map and conveying the primary fuel type?
Should the size of the circles indicate another measurement?

Hey asjk,

I would say overall your visualisation presents the idea of information you are trying to portray well. As to whether your circles should be different sizes to indicate another measurement… you must decide whether; 1. Will it help reveal more relevant information 2. Will it effect the ability to convey the information you already show?

I will always lean towards a more is less approach with maps. You’re not trying to tell the whole story just a chapter.