Global Maximum Capacity (Treemap)

Guideline: *Greetings, thanks for taking the time out for your busy day to read my post. I have used Tableau to create a treemap to help illustrate the Global Maximum Capacity of each country worldwide

Visual Design Type: Treemap
Name of Tool: Tablaeu
Country: Global
Year: N/A
Visual Mappings:
Colour: Country Long
Size: Measure Values
Label: Country Long
Label: SUM(Capacity Mw)

Unique Observation: From this Treemap, it is very evident that the USA and China have the largest maximum capacity globally (Mw), with those two countries totaling to approximately 45% of the global capacity. At a glance, this isn’t too surprising considering the side and of the countries and their respective economies

Data Preparation: Filtered “Measure Values” to retain only the information we need, in this case being the maximum capacity

Source: * A Study on the Effectiveness of Tree-Maps as Tree Visualization Techniques :*

Just a few general questions
Is there anyway in which I can improve my design?
Does the design convey the information clearly?
Is my design visually appealing?

To answer your question straight away, I think filtering the countries with low amount of capacity will help your visualization as there are many countries without labels which would be hard to recognize with just the help of the legend. However, you design does convey a clear message with good font contrast where needed. By limiting the number of countries shown you can use brighter colour pallet which may be more appealing.