Geographical Map Visualisation Hepatitis B

I am a Swansea Uni Student doing a Data Visualisation coursework and I would like somebodies opinion on these two geographical maps. Are either of these good examples visualisations of the infection count per state? Which one represents the data the best? Any constructive criticism is welcome!

DOI: 10.25337/T7/ptycho.v2.0/US.66071002

Visual Design: 3D Mapping

Name of Tool: Excel

Country: U.S

Year: 1951 -2007

Disease: Hepatitis B

Visual Mappings: The states are coloured in purple, the darker the shade the higher the number of recorded infections. The bar charts are coloured yellow in order, they offer an alternative way of mapping the level of infection per state and allow for better comparison between them.

Observation: The highest levels of infection occur in the states with the largest population, therefore there is a direct correlation between population size and infection rates.

Hi Sam! These both look like really good visualisations of the data you’re trying to show! I personally believe that the first of the two is more clear in what you are trying to show. At first glance the circles could be potentially misleading and might make an onlooker think that they are seeing the data spread over a zone. However, the high pillars in the first one leave no room for confusion.
Really nice visualisation!