Generated power for different fuel in each continent

Hi, I’m looking for some answers to some questions I have on a visualisation I’ve produced as part of my coursework.

Visual Design: Stacked bar graph

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: All countries with an estimated generation value

Year: All years used in the dataset

Visual Mappings:
X-Axis: Continent
Y-Axis: Estimated generation (GWh)
Colour: Primary fuel

Unique Observation: This graph shows that Asia generates a massive amount of energy compared to the other continents and is the leading continent in coal, gas and hydro usage to produce energy.

Data Preparation: I added continent a continent column in the csv file and filtered out the null values.


Does my visual design present the information well?
Are there better colours I could choose to help differentiate the fuel types more?
Is there another visual design that would be better for this?

Thank you!

Your visual design presents the information of the amount of power generated by each fuel in each continent really well. You have shown this through use of a variation of colors that distinct the respective data from each other very well. I would like to add that you could use different colors for Wind and Oil as it may be hard for a color blind person to distinguish between them. I also feel that the current visual design is sufficient in showing the intended observation.

Hi, this is a really clear visualisation for a bar chart. I am impressed!

How did you manage to get the continent data into the data set?

Thank you!
For the continent data I made a new column in the csv file and pasted in the continent for each country, although I’m sure there’s a much easier and faster way to go about it in tableau.

I hadn’t thought about how the colours would appear to those who are colour blind so I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

I also added more data manually, was hoping you knew a faster way around this haha

to do this quicker next time, grab a csv file country code i.e (afg) and continent and perform an excel vlookup

It may be easier to visualise the fuel types with lower contribution if they were segregated from larger contributions and put on a different chart with a smaller axis. For example, its hard to see where Petcoke is.