Fuel Types Mapped to Regions in China

Source: http://datasets.wri.org/dataset/globalpowerplantdatabase

Visual Design Type: Maps
Name of Tool: Tableau
Country: China
Year: 2017
Visual Mappings:
Colour - type of fuel
Position on Map - location of the plant using that fuel type
Unique Observations:

  • Which fuel types are most prevalent in China (the biggest market for power plants)
  • The regions that best suit each fuel type. The windiest area, the areas where all the dams are

Data Preparation:

  • Filter country to just China
  • Use long/lat to map the plant’s locations
  • Display the fuel type of each plant and uniquely colour each one

Does my design display information effectively?
Is my choice of colours best for this type of visualization?
How can this design be improved?

Overall this visualization is very effective. The contrast between the colors and the background makes the power plants pop. However, its difficult to see the locations of less popular power sources such as Geothermal, Nuclear and Oil. Maybe add in an extra visualization in tandum with the map to better show the amount of power plants per resource. Good job overall