Estimated generation (gwh) in Wales per green energy type power plant

Guideline : Greetings, I am a Swansea University student working on a Data Visualization assignment, whereby I need to create visualizations from the following dataset in order to maximize our understanding of the data and to reach some conclusions in terms of helping a green energy company grow.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some recommendations as to how I can make this visualization better in terms of helping the viewer understand the concept and be able to infer the information it’s trying to provide them with.

Thanks in advance.

Image :


Visual Design Type: Symbol Maps

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: Wales

Year: 2018

Visual Mappings:
Size: Sum(estimated_generation_gwh)
Colour: primary_fuel

Unique Observation: Most of Wales’ power generation happens in the north and south parts in terms of location. The north is a mixture of Hydro and Wind power, whereas in the south it’s mainly Biomass and Wind, with many smaller Solar plants dispersed in the general area.

Data Preparation: None

I think overall, its really clear. You can easily understand from the legends how each circle is divided. You could potentially also try to make some ration based visualisation too using you data. For example, estimated generation of green energy versus non-green energy and compare these two.