Does this visualisation make sense?

Guideline: The Visualisation looks at the fuel types that are responsible for most/least of the power generation.

Visual Design Type: Packed Bubbles

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: U.S., UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, France, Italy and 153 other countries.

Year 2013 to 2017.

Visual Mapping: Colour: mapped to the type of primary fuel, Shape: circular represents the country and fuel type, Size: represents the amount the type of fuel used in each country (the larger the more common).

Unique Observation: We can clearly see the most fuel type is responsible for most power generation is Coal and gas is one of the most commonly used.



Does this visualisation make sense?
Can I make it better?
Are there any other types of visual layouts that would be better for this challenge?

I feel like this visualisation is a nice way of displaying dominant countries for the most dominant fuel types (i.e China for Coal). The choice of colour, sizing and labelling makes it clear to read.

However this visualisation can make it difficult to infer relationships between fuel types, it is not obvious which fuel types produce the most energy and by what margin.

Perhaps a treemap could be used if you wished to have comparable entities, and therefore the most productive fuel types could also be determined from your visualisation.