Distribution of power plants across Western Europe

This is a symbol map I have created as part of my University assignment in Data Visualisation, based off a Power Plant dataset linked below. I created a heat-map to show the distribution and possible crowding of power plants within Western Europe:

Visual Design Type: Symbol Map (with density marking)
Name of Tool: Tableau
Country: Western Europe
Year: 2019
Visual Mappings:
X-Axis: AVG(longitude)
Y-Axis: AVG(latitude)
Detail: Power Plant ID (gppd_idnr)
Colour: N/A
Labels: N/A
Unique Observation: It’s observed that the Southern part of the UK leads in possessing the largest density population of power plants. This is closely followed by parts of France and Spain.

Source: http://datasets.wri.org/dataset/globalpowerplantdatabase


  • Are the colours suitable enough and clear to understand?
  • The density is so high in the UK that it covers most of the country. Would this be a problem, and should the opacity be lowered further?
  • Is there any possible improvements I could make to better aid in understanding the data better?

Thank you!

Nice focus on one particular area, this makes it visually aesthetic however the colour causes an issue where some area’s are a blur of yellow. A different visualisation type such as packed bubbles may make it easier to understand the distribution across Western Europe.