Avoiding clutter in digital maps


Visual Design Type:
: Digital Map

Name of Tool:
: Altair-viz / Python


: 2013-2017

Visual Mappings:
: * mapping 1: Colour maps to the primary fuel used by the plant.
: * mapping 2: Size maps to the average generation of the plant by year.
: * mapping 3: x-position corresponds to longitude.
: * mapping 4: y-position corresponds to latitude.

Data Preparation:
: For the dataset 5000 plants were chosen, located in the USA. Furthermore, the data was cleaned by removing missing values and filtering plants that use less “popular” fuels. Additionally, for each plant in the resulting dataset the average of the yearly production across the 4 years was taken (missing values - if any, were omitted in taking the mean).

Link to dataset: http://datasets.wri.org/dataset/globalpowerplantdatabase

: * I was wondering whether the design is clear enough or should I aggregate some of the plants given the number of them.

Firstly I like the idea of using colours for different type of fuel types and the size relating to them. The size of each element seems very fitting as the lower values seem visible and larger values doesn’t cover everything. I would suggest using the top 3-4 most used fuels as it would increase the clarity of the visual design.