Are we getting greener?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what you think about this graph i created to try and work out if all this talk about going green really meant we ere heading that way. Take a look and recommend anything that you think i could add to make this a more accurate representation!

![Power Stations vs Fuel Type](Power Stations vs fuel type - Area Chart.png)

Power Stations vs fuel type - Area Chart


Visual Design Type:
: Area Chart

Name of Tool:
: Tableau

: All

: 2000-2017

Visual Mappings:
: * colour: Colour here defines the fuel type
: * Y Axis: Y Axis represents the year
: * X Axis: X Axis represents the number of stations built that year
: * size: the size of the area is based on quantity of stations built that year

Unique Observation:
: My initial question that i wanted answered was; Is the world actually becoming more green? By this i was wondering if more renewable energy source power stations were being built and i can happily say they are. Most of the focus seems to be on solar energy.

When coupling this graph with a few of my other view designs though we can see that although more renewable energy stations are being built they are nowhere near as efficient as coal or nuclear stations.

Data Preparation:
: The Data was filtered so that only the years 2000 and later are visible due to the awkwardness of the large data set


Looks great!
Definitely an eye opener when it comes to thinking about being eco-friendly and how much our governments are helping achieve that.

Could you try using the added sum of the number of stations at every year instead of just how many stations were built in that year? Also I would have preferred a nicer colour scheme, these colours are a bit dreary for me.