Wind and hydro trend on australian coast

Is this a good visualisation to show the hydro and wind trend in south east australia?

The visualization of geographical locations of the wind and hydro in digital map

Visual Design Type: Digital Map

Name of Tool: Tableau

Country: Australia

Year: 2017

Visual Mappings:

X Axis: Primary Fuel Type, Latitude

Y Axis: Longitude

Colour: Fuel Type

Unique Observation: From the visualisation of a digital map above, we can see that the majority of the wind generation are by the costal. However, we can see that there are no wind farms in the mainland of Australia; this is because there is a mountain blocking the airflow to the rest of the part of Australia. Moreover, Australia utilizes the mountain by controlling the flow of the water from east to the coast and diverts through the hydropower stations.

Data Preparation: The dataset of countries has been filtered to Australia.

Its looks very descriptive and interprets easily the coastal area’s influence on wind generation.

Suggestion: It would have been best if you would have posted some labels(famous locations) for wind farms, which would have more highlighted your design!

Beautifully represented the visualization of wind and hydro on the coastal area of Australia.

This looks like a good design. i would possibly reccomend increasing size anf transparency of the points to make them more visible. You could also filter the data to remove the northern points if you’re only aiming to visualise the Southeast